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06 October 2006


Denmark buys state-of-the-art large-calibre ammunition from Rheinmetall
Included in the package: Lifecycle ammunition management

The Danish armed forces have become the first to opt for Rheinmetall’s newly developed PELE service ammunition. PELE stands for “penetrator with enhanced lateral effect”. The procurement package includes the modification of existing tank ammunition in order to improve its effectiveness in modern combat scenarios, including possible military operations in urban terrain. The prime advantage of the PELE system is its precise impact on the target, resulting in a drastic reduction in collateral damage.

New 120mm ammunition with expanded temperature range

After Finland, Denmark is the second Scandinavian country to procure the new DM53/A1, Rheinmetall’s advanced 120mm tank ammunition. The round, currently being supplied in series to the armed forces in Germany, Austria and Turkey as the DM63, uses the newly developed TIPS temperature-independent propulsion unit. TIPS is qualified for a substantially wider temperature range (-46°C to 63°C), meaning that the ammunition is safe to use in extreme climate zones. This closes an important capabilities gap. Moreover, the DM63 is designed to defeat the latest armour. It also causes less barrel erosion thanks to its state-of-the-art propulsion system, in turn resulting in longer barrel life.

Data boxes for lifecycle ammunition management

As part of this 120mm ammunition procurement package, all service ammunition in the Danish inventory will be equipped with measurement technology. Forming the foundation for modern lifecycle ammunition management, Rheinmetall’s newly developed data boxes are a much more accurate means of detecting and recording data relating to stored and transported ammunition.

Among the principal data recorded are information on relative humidity, temperature and shocks experienced during shipping. With regard to ammunition safety and ammunition monitoring, the accumulated data enable highly reliable statements on the usability and remaining lifetime of the ammunition.


05 May 2006


New armored infantry fighting vehicle presented to the public
PUMA the focus of the German Army's 50th anniversary












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31. January 2005


US101 selected by U.S. Navy for presidential helicopter replacement program.

On Friday at 10pm UK time the U.S. Navy announced it had selected the US101 for a new fleet of "Marine One" helicopters for the President of the United States. Lockheed Martin, which leads Team US101 as prime contractor, will receive a $1.7 billion contract from the Navy for the Marine One program's systems development and demonstration phase. The team will build and equip the US101 medium-lift helicopter to provide a safe and secure "Oval Office in the Sky" for the President.


"We are proud to contribute our proven helicopter, backed by significant operational experience, to serve as the basis for the American President's new Marine One fleet," said Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, chairman and chief executive officer of Finmeccanica, AgustaWestland's parent corporation. "We are confident that the US101 will provide the best capability for the President, and we are delighted that the U.S. government has chosen to entrust Team US101 with this important responsibility."


The overall contract is worth approximately US$1.7 billion to Lockheed Martin who is the prime contractor.

Based on the current contract schedule, the first US101 ready to transport the President is expected to be available in 2009, with the entire fleet of 23 US101 delivered to the Marine One squadron by late 2014.